Erik Gronvik

I started my coaching period with Richard early 2016. I was really tired feeling that my progression in the gym had stalled. I also suffered severely with a bad relationship to food, and basically let mental stress in life being dealt with over-training and under-eating.

I’ve actually never had it so good with myself as I have now, only 5 months later. Thanks to Richard. From being my worst enemy to finally being able to actually starting to be happy with my body. Everything is now so much better. The reason I tell all this is just to show how grateful I am having a coach who help in all aspects of life.

My lifts in the gym has gone up, while my own body weight has went down (slow and steady). All this has happened with LESS training and MORE food than earlier. I have now reached my “summer” physique, and looking forward to see all the gains as we now move to new goals: building muscle with as little fat as possible. I just wish I contacted Richard earlier, as it would help me a lot and save me from a lot of pain and suffering (starve/binge – cycles). But now I am really looking forward to every day with a big smile on my face. Food and training has become a beautiful part of life, not something that brings pain and suffering. I have achieved things which I did not think I would manage, while maintaining a “normal” life without big restrictions.

I cant say how grateful I am for Richards help. I have finally found myself again. Big thanks to you coach!

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