I’m so happy I started working with Richard Bell!

Ever since I started my fitness journey, my goal was to look like a bodybuilder and to have that documented during a fitness photoshoot. The reason I came to Richard, is to learn more about the process of shoot prep, possibly moving onto a bodybuilding show afterwards. With the shoot being everything I hoped for and more, we’ve now set our eyes on my first bodybuilding show in the near future.

I couldn’t ask for a better coach to guide me towards that stage; Richard is the absolute best: a coach, mentor and a true friend!

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1Gedeeld WhatsApp Facebook Gmail Messenger Meer Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Print FlipboardEmil I’ve been following Richard Bell for a long time on social media. His competitors looked quite aesthetic, lean and most importantly they are natural athletes. In the sport of bodybuilding many use stimulants, but there are methods that savvy coaches use to prep people...
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Richard Jansen

0Gedeeld WhatsApp Facebook Gmail Messenger Meer Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Print FlipboardIk heb Bell Coaching benaderd om mijn kennis omtrent voeding en training naar een volgend niveau te tillen. Ik kreeg Victor Mooren als coach toegewezen. Ik kreeg erg snel een compleet schema voor de trainingen als de voeding. Al snel merkte ik hoe doordacht de...
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